The Van

The Van

Our 1966 Split Screen has been beautifully restored & customised

Meet "Sassy" our pride and joy a 1966 split screen left hand drive camper van she came from Tallahassee in Florida so shes a lefty and has great bodywork!

Sassy was in need of a little work and is now fully restored and customised. She has been painted using a yummy rich cream paint on the top and a pearlescent deep red paint on the bottom, and for bit of extra glamour alloy wheels and stainless steel trim. Then on the inside the fantastic team at 'Whitby Morrison' have created a stunning serving area with display chiller using the latest technology in portable freezing created a large bespoke freezer over the engine, the freezers are charged up over night , which in turn provides us with in excess of 15 hours scooping time with no power required at this means "Sassy"is completely silent and we can scoop almost anywhere.

  • Minimum of four choices of Luxury ice cream

  • Sugar Cones, tubs, napkins, sprinkles and sauces beautifully presented and served in vintage china and glassware.

  • Two uniformed staff serving for 2 hours (not including set up)

  • We always bring enough ice cream for the number of guests plus a little extra.

Health and Safety 

  • Our tricycle and van are fully insured.

  • All our staff are fully trained and have food hygiene certificates.

  • Public liability insurance up to 5,000,000.

  • Registered with our local council.

  • Street traders licence.

Call Claire on: 07875 633 793 or